Consultation begins on guidelines for reproductive donation

News article

05 September 2017

The Advisory Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology (ACART) has announced the release of a consultation document on proposed guidelines for gamete and embryo donation and surrogacy.

ACART Chair Gillian Ferguson says the committee is seeking public feedback on a proposal to replace four separate donation guidelines with one.

“The one revised guideline will cover four procedures.”

These are:

  • family gamete donation
  • embryo donation
  • the use of donated eggs with donated sperm
  • clinic-assisted surrogacy.

“One of the significant policy changes proposed in the consultation document is to remove the requirement that intending parents need to have a genetic or gestational link to a child,” Gillian Ferguson says.

“We also propose expanding the scope of the guidelines. Currently, not all family gamete donations, embryo donations and clinic-assisted surrogacies require ethical approval. It is our view that the potential ethical complexity of these procedures requires all cases to be subject to approval.

“Our proposals are intended to balance the benefits and manage the risks with necessary safeguards for all parties, including any resulting children.”

To access the full consultation document and provide feedback, visit the ACART website. The deadline for feedback is Monday, 13 November 2017.