Local Advisory Group for Dunedin Hospital Rebuild making good progress

News article

21 February 2018

The Local Advisory Group that was established to assist with the progress of the new hospital held its second meeting today, and made ‘good progress’ toward site selection. The group’s convener Pete Hodgson described the discussion as ‘careful and comprehensive’.

“We are looking at it from every imaginable angle. This will be the biggest building in Dunedin’s central business area and we taking good care to ensure that it is well sited. We need to be mindful of ease of access, proximity to services, height, and so on. We need to take care to ensure that existing links with the University are preserved and enhanced. We need to think about traffic flows, land availability, and future growth. We need to build a hospital today that still makes good sense 50 years from now”.

The Southern Partnership Group is meeting next Tuesday and Mr Hodgson reiterated that advice on a preferred site would be offered to the Government by the end of March.

Pete Hodgson

Local Advisory Group Chair