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Registered Nurse

Applications close: 13th November 2023, 5pm

Gonville Health is a general practice located in a centre built in the heart of the Gonville community, in Whanganui.  We share the Gonville Centre with a pharmacy, library/café and community room and aim to be a hub of well-being. The Gonville Health team are committed to finding innovative ways to improve the health care of our patients and to being proactive participants of the community we serve. 

We are currently looking for a registered nurse(s) who match our values and vision to improve the well-being and lives of our enrolled population, in particular addressing inequalities in health for Māori and Pasifika people, and low-income earners.  It is important to us that we get the right fit for the team, which is someone who will help us realise the aspirations of our community.

We are looking for a registered nurse that enjoys working in a fast paced environment, is a team player, and is customer focused and culturally responsive. Our ideal candidate would be interested in furthering their nursing career to become a Nurse Prescriber or Practitioner, or is already qualified in one of these roles. For the right person, the practice can apply flexibility to meet the specific interests of the employee – this may be flexible working hours, autonomy and ability to work at the top of their scope, tasks aligned to the individual’s strengths or interests, personal development, leadership or clinical administration.  You will have the ability to influence the job description and how you work in the clinic, if we see that you are the right fit.

If you are looking to take up an exciting challenge in a dynamic and innovative team, please download the job description and apply for this position.

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