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Programme to Improve Balance Launched

ACC has developed a free app that can help improve balance in older people in just ten minutes a day.Being in control of our health and wellness is important for living a fulfilling life. Falls and the injuries they cause are a significant health and wellbeing issue for older adults in New Zealand, so ACC wants to see more older adults incorporating strength and balance exercises into their daily lives, to reduce their risk of falling. 

In August 2020, ACC commenced a pilot of an app-based balance exercise platform called Nymbl, for individuals at increased risk of falls. This largely targeted people aged 55 plus and/or those who had medical conditions that made them more susceptible to injury if they had a fall, e.g. osteoporosis.  At the end of the pilot, ACC reviewed claims data for people who had been engaging with the platform and found that people aged over the age of 65 who completed four or more Nymbl exercise sessions over a week had lowered their fall and fracture claim rate.

Whanganui Regional Health Network recently supported the local Nymbl app launch, with guest speaker Sandy Keen, ACC Acting Injury Prevention Manager, presenting to 30 local individuals and providers at Sport Whanganui. This is part of a three-month national campaign promoting the app.

Following the information session, attendees were invited to download the app and complete the registration process. Some then participated in the exercises. The event concluded with light refreshments and an opportunity to network.

“It was good to see the people who came to the event giving the app a go, the games on the app were a hit and left the people that I talked to excited for their next session. It’s a great tool to add to your routine and the flexibility of being able to use the app anywhere means that more people can improve their balance and confidence,” says Krystal Boyes, Fracture Liaison Administrator at Whanganui Regional Health Network.

Nymbl is available free of charge to download, for anyone in New Zealand aged 50 plus. People just need a smart phone or tablet and internet access. This customised programme provides safe, effective and fun exercises to improve your balance and keep you steady on your feet. Registering is easy – just go to your app store and download Nymbl, then follow the simple step-by-step instructions. For further information, please refer to the website:

For further comment please contact WRHN Communications & Technology Coordinator, Karen Veldhoen on (06) 348 0109 extn 708


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