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We have a qualified clinical pharmacist who can work closely with you, your doctor and any other health professionals involved in your care to help ensure that you are obtaining the maximum benefit from your medicines.



Our service will not only help you understand how your medicines work and the benefits you can expect from them, we can also help to ensure that all your medicines (prescription and others, e.g. 'over the counter', herbal, etc.) work together.  In addition, we will provide you with lifestyle advice to ensure that your medicines are working best for you and help to ensure that you are getting the most benefit from your medicines. With our help, we can help you liaise with your community pharmacist to help manage costs where possible

There is no set criteria for eligibility to this service. If you are under the care of a General Practitioner and are taking medications, especially three or more, you may benefit from a medication review particularly:

  • If you wish to understand more about the medications you are taking

  • If you are forgetting to take your medicines at times

  • If you are confused about when to take your medicines

  • If the cost of medicines is an issue

  • If your doctor wishes to add a new medicine

  • If you have just been diagnosed with a medical condition

  • If you are worried that a medication you are taking is upsetting you


People are usually referred to the pharmacist by their GP, practice nurse or other health care professionals. When the referral is received, the pharmacist will contact you directly to make an appointment to visit you.  Moving forward, working in this new pandemic era, the team will also be doing more phone and video consultations.

Referrals can be made by a concerned whānau member and/or self-referral. Just call the WRHN on 06 348 0109.

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