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We have several highly successful programmes to assist with the care of people who have long-term conditions like diabetes, asthma, COPD, heart problems, gout, depression etc.


We have a team of health professionals and kaiawhina who specialise in helping people to manage their conditions with a whānau centered approach. We will work together with you, your whanau, and your health team to develop an integrated care plan.

Your care plan is about the things that matter to you and your whanau. This can mean sometimes we will work with other sectors such as housing, employment, Work & Income NZ, and others to get the support you and your whanau need to improve your health and wellbeing.

Self-Management Education Programme

We offer free programmes/workshops that can help you gain skills and knowledge to better manage your long-term conditions at home, these include:

  • Living well with Diabetes Self-Management programme

  • Piki te Ora Self-Management programme

  • Cancer thriving and surviving – coming soon

  • Chronic Pain Self-Management programme – coming soon

  • Building Better Caregivers workshop – coming soon

  • Workplace Self-Management Programme – coming soon


Our Self-management programmes are free and available in your local community for you and your whanau. The programmes are offered face to face and virtually (coming soon) and are designed to improve wellbeing, especially for those who have long-term medical conditions.

The programme helps you:

  • learn new skills to manage your health condition

  • develop confidence in the way you manage your condition(s)

  • meet others and share similar experience

  • learn new tips for keeping as well as possible

  • feel in control of your life

  • achieve goals and milestones

  • turn obstacles into milestones.


You will learn self-management techniques ‒ from someone who has been on the same journey as you ‒ such as planning, healthy eating and exercising, sleeping, working with healthcare providers, problem solving and decision making to help manage your health condition. 

If you have diabetes, cardiovascular disease, gout, or any other long-term condition, please ask your doctor or nurse about our programmes and how you can take part.

To find out more, phone Mary Hirini on 029 222 5388 or email 

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