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Health Screening

Health screening is an important check-up for men and women of all ages, to get on top of things before they become an issue.  Throughout the year, our team supports and holds events that focus on Cervical Screening, Bowel Screening, and Breast Screening.


It’s normal for people to feel whakamā/shy about having a health screening. Our team is here to awhi and encourage those who are unsure and/or overdue for their health screening appointment. We can help with transport, assistance to make a booking, plus we can provide extra information and advice for whānau if they need it.

So if you or someone you know is due for a health screening and may be little apprehensive, or need some advice or information please give our Manaaki te Whānau team a call on 0800 775 001, we are here to help.

Bowel Screening

Bowel Screening

Get your free bowel screening every two years if you're 60-74. Early detection saves lives. If you haven't received your kit, contact your GP or call WRHN outreach services at 0800 775 001 (option 3). For assistance, email Take charge of your health!

If you're at higher risk due to family history, talk to your doctor about regular check-ups or referrals. Be vigilant for symptoms like bleeding, changes in bowel habits, and abdominal issues. Don't wait; see your GP promptly for assessment and peace of mind.

You can read all about the programme, and how to do the test on the Time to Screen-Bowel Screening website.

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Breast Screening

Breast Screening

Battling breast cancer is a significant concern for Kiwi women. Early detection through regular mammograms is crucial for saving lives. If you're a woman aged 45-69 without symptoms and haven't had a mammogram in the last year, you can get a free screening every 2 years with BreastScreen Aotearoa. Contact your GP or call WRHN Manaaki Te Whanau Outreach Team on 0800 775 001 (option 2) for an appointment. Stay alert for signs like breast swelling, skin changes, pain, nipple retraction, or unusual discharge. If concerned, consult your doctor. Those with a history of breast cancer can sign up 5 years post-diagnosis.


You can read all about the programme, risks and benefits and how to register on the Time to Screen website. Or phone BreastScreen Aotearoa on 0800 270 200.

Cervical Screening

Cervical Screening

Your general practice offers free cervical screening to all eligible enrolled patients.

Regular cervical screening is your best defence against cervical cancer. The National screening programme is for all women aged between 25yrs till 69yrs. This is not a fully subsidised programme however  the National Cervical Screening Programme offers free screening for Māori or Pacific individuals , anyone who has a current community services card, others aged 30 and over who are under-screened or never had a test in the past 5 years, and anyone requiring follow-up testing. Since 12th September 2024 there is a new test HPV screening is more effective than traditional cytology, and the new HPV self-test is proven as effective as clinician-administered tests. If HPV is not detected, most individuals won't need screening for five years. If you have a friend or whānau member who is eligible for screening. Let them know about the cervical screening self-test option.

It’s quick and easy and might just save their life!

Where can you go

•              Your GP /Practice nurse

•              Your usual smear taker

•              Family Planning clinics

•              sexual health services

•              WRHN Manaaki Te Whanau services 0800 775 001 option 2


Self-testing HPV is coming soon...

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