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CST - Cognitive Stimulation Therapy


What is Cognitive Stimulation Therapy?

CST is a well-established psychological therapy for people living with dementia/mate wareware.
It is a stimulating and enjoyable form of group therapy which has been shown to make a real difference for people living with dementia/mate wareware.
The program is designed to take place over two sessions per week for 7 weeks at the Whanganui Regional Health Network  with 5-8 people in attendance per group.
The Group is facilitated by an Occupational Therapist and Co-facilitator.
A cup of tea/coffee will be provided at the end of each group.


What are the aims?

CST aims to develop a supportive, fun, and stimulating group environment for people with Dementia/Mate wareware.
It aims to provide participants with tools to take home and use in their mate wareware journey. 

How can I join?

If you or your whānau member are living with a diagnosis of  dementia/mate wareware and think there  would be benefit from the group, ask your Health Professional  to send a referral to the service. After receiving  the referral the CST facilitator will call regarding the enrolment and starting the group programme. Please see below for contact details if you have questions regarding CST. 

Upcoming CST Workshops

Blue Skies

21 May

Tues & Thurs

till 2nd July

Blue Skies

10 Sept

Tues & Thurs

till 24th Oct

Blue Skies

10 June

Mon & Wed

till 24th July

Blue Skies

29 Oct

Tues & Thurs

till 12th Dec

Blue Skies

16 July

Tues & Thurs

till 5th Sept

For more information, please contact

Tori Bensemann

Occupational Therapist

027 2580858

Or alternatively, please ask your doctor to send an enrolment form to

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