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Gonville Health Current Vacancy

General Practitioner

Applications close: OPEN

The picturesque city of Whanganui is situated on New Zealand's North Island west coast.  A charming coastal province with a population of approximately 46,000, Whanganui is well known for the magnificent Whanganui River and is a city rich in history, and culture.


Whanganui offers both adventure and eco-tourism, is close to the beautiful west coach beaches and scenic mountain landscapes of both the Taranaki and Ruapehu districts. With the ski fields just over an hour's drive away, the winter and summer months are filled with sun, surf, snow, and skiing fun for families and professionals alike.


With no shortage of consideration for people of all ages, Whanganui humbly holds national and international recognition for exceptional education with a selection of private and public schools located within the city limits that offer exemplary academic and cultural experiences.


Location is vital when considering short- or long-term residence and Whanganui could not be more perfect. With our capital city only a 3-hour drive away, the bustling Auckland city a 1-hour flight, and all other major cities and attractions less than a 3-hour drive, Whanganui truly is an ideal place to call home.

About Gonville Health Ltd

Gonville Health was developed, purposely built and opened in 2009 after research conducted identified the need to reduce the inequities in health status within Whanganui city, therefore it was essential to get as close to the sector of the community that had the highest concentration of deprivation. The Gonville community was identified as the catchment with the greatest disadvantage that did not have access to basic primary care services on their doorstep.


Gonville Health Service Model Objectives:


A range of health services are provided 'closer to home' to improve the health and wellbeing of people experiencing inequality such as Maori, Pasifika and people living within low socio-economic circumstances.


The vision for Gonville Health is "Achieving health and well-being together" (as identified by the staff at Gonville).


Gonville Health is a centre that provides a platform for individuals and their whānau (families) to realise their potential to self determine their future by integrating a number of health, educational and social services.


The key principles that relate to the vision of Gonville Health are:

  • Responsiveness to patients and families

  • Health promotion – identifying practice population and specific needs

  • Safe practice and workplace

  • Links with social marketing and campaigns

  • Links to community

  • Involved in local promotion of public policy i.e. licensing laws, road safety

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