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Nau Mai, Haere Mai


The COVID-19 vaccines are an essential tool to help protect ourselves, our children and the most vulnerable against COVID-19.


This page contains vital information to help you and your whānau make an informed decision about getting vaccinated against COVID-19.   There is excessive misinformation about the vaccine, and we want to ensure that our families and communities receive accurate and reliable information about COVID-19.


The vaccine isn’t a cure for COVID-19; however, it does provide a layer of protection and will help prevent you from developing severe symptoms from the virus. It also reduces the risk of you spreading the virus to others.


In Aotearoa, anyone aged 12 years and over receives their vaccination. In Whanganui, we have several sites and general practices giving the COVID vaccine, with Te Rito being our largest vaccination site in Whanganui. For a list of vaccination clinics in the Whanganui region, click here.


You will find resources that have been created to help provide you with accurate, easy to understand information to help you make informed choices about the vaccine. Feel free to download, print and share.


To book your COVID-19 vaccine, call 0800 28 29 26 or book online at

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