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A clinician led virtual clinic for whānau who are unwell with colds, flu, Covid-19 and respiratory illnesses.

We have reduced our days!
As of Monday 25th September, the Virtual Winter Respiratory Clinic will no longer be available in the weekend.

Hours for the clinic will be:

  • Monday to Friday: 10am to 3pm

Beyond these hours, whānau can present at WAM for triage​

As we approach the winter season, the well-being of our whānau within the rohe becomes our top priority. We understand that this time of year can strain our general practice teams significantly, making it crucial to provide support for our communities and healthcare providers. To address this, Whanganui Regional Health Network (WRHN) is proud to establish the Virtual Winter Respiratory Clinic, a revolutionary initiative to ensure the well-being of our whānau during the colder months.

Managed by Whanganui Accident and Medical (WAM), with full support from WRHN, this virtual service will assess and manage whānau dealing with colds, influenza, and Covid-19. Whānau will have easy access to this service through an 0800 number, where they will receive prompt triage by a Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner.

The triage nurse will offer a range of options to cater to the specific needs of each whānau member, including:

  1. Virtual Solutions: Our dedicated nurses will provide virtual consultations for those cases where it's appropriate and convenient.

  2. In-Person Appointments at General Practice: Patients may be offered in-person appointments at their registered general practice when necessary.

  3. In-Person Appointments at WAM: For more immediate attention, in-person appointments at Whanganui Accident and Medical (WAM) will be available.

  4. Access to Additional Support Services: We understand the importance of comprehensive care, which is why our nurses can connect whānau with a range of support services, including MSD Connector support, Wellbeing support via Health Improvement Practitioners and Health Coaches, Māori Health Support Services, Long Term Conditions support, and Home visits.

Our virtual clinic will maintain an appointment book for whānau requiring in-person visits, while also ensuring the option to refer them back to their own health provider when feasible. This collaborative approach will significantly contribute to the delivery of high-quality primary healthcare within our community.

The Virtual Winter Respiratory Clinic is available to anyone and is open from:

  • Monday to Friday: 10am to 3pm

Beyond these hours, whānau can still present at WAM for triage.

Virtual Clinic Team.jpeg

The Virtual Clinic Team - clockwise from the top left: Nurse Jodie Page, Nurse Lead William ‘Gumz’ Pati, Kaiāwhina Michelle Herewini, and Dr Mark Raine.

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