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Embracing Unity: Pasifika for Pasifika Expo aims to extend a helping hand

The Whanganui Pasifika community is coming together to make a difference. In a time when compassion and solidarity are needed more than ever, members of our Pasifika community are gearing up to hold a Pasifika for Pasifika Expo that promises to reach out and say, "We're here for you." The event is about creating connections, providing assistance, and ensuring that no one is left feeling isolated. Together, we are saying, "I may not be able to help, but I know someone who can." The bonds formed at this event will serve as a foundation for the future, as providers gather to "serve our people" and extend their support networks.

The event is being supported by the various Pasifika community leaders throughout the region. Many Pasifika families are new to the area so having this platform to introduce them to what is available is incredibly valuable. This event will showcase a broad cross section of community services and providers, plus provide an opportunity for important health interventions such as immunisations and vaccinations to be done on site.

We expect over 40 stall holders featuring community funders, education providers, youth support organisations and training & employment providers amongst others. Entertainment will take centre stage with Pasifika performances throughout the day. Having our local and regional talent on display reflects the diversity and unique identities within our community. It’s truly heartwarming.

Lead by the team at Whanganui Regional Health Network, the Pasifika for Pasifika event holds significant importance for our community by fostering unity and building rapport within the Pasifika community itself.

Event coordinator William ‘Gumz’ Pati, a nurse and community connector has been working closely with the Pasifika communities throughout the region, to identify their needs and work together to develop solutions. Pati explains, “We observed and recognised the decline in vaccination rates within our Pasifika communities as an area of concern for our people. As a team, we secured funding to hold a vaccination event in the community and saw it as an opportunity to hold a collaborative holistic event that opens the door for our people and providers to come together in an environment that is friendly, supportive, fun, and safe”.

The Pasifika for Pasifika event will take place on Saturday 28th October from 11am to 2pm at the Springvale Stadium in Whanganui.


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