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Koha Shed Board Now Full House

New Koha Shed Board Members


The Koha Shed said farewell to two Board members earlier this year. Kiri McKee and Tania Bailey contributed greatly to the Shed, volunteering their time and helping to develop a more robust governance structure. At the recent Annual General Meeting three new members were accepted onto the Board and the Shed is pleased to welcome Kelly Scarrow, Sharon Duff and Te Mania O’Rourke. Their diverse backgrounds and experiences are great assets to this role.  


The Koha Shed collects unwanted donated items from the community, so that those in need can access furniture, whiteware, clothing, household items, etc. for free. Approximately 500 people visit the shed each week, to source the things they can’t afford to buy themselves. As the Koha Shed is also a registered food bank, it is well placed to support the provision of rescued kai. With the current economic downturn and increased hardship being evident, there is even more need to support vulnerable communities.


The Community Fridge is now onsite at the Koha Shed, 88 Duncan Street and operates Monday to Friday, 10am to 12pm. This converted 20ft container is a place where people and businesses can donate their surplus food and those in need can access free nutritious food. Koha Shed Manager, Sherron Sunnex, is pleased to have this additional resource to support the supply of food to those who are struggling. “The Community Fridge is being well utilised, with 40 plus people accessing it a day and these individuals generally come in once a week, so we are supporting over 200 a week.”


Even with the regular rescued food from Kai Hub, Just Zilch and Fitzies Bakery, there is still need for more supplies. “We really appreciate the weekly support we get from these organisations, but would welcome more contributions from the community and encourage people who have excess fruit and veges from their gardens or canned food going spare to donate it to the Community Fridge,” says Sherron.


Koha Shed Board member, Karen Veldhoen, acknowledges the community support received to date. “I’d particularly like to thank Grumpy Old Men Enterprises for their past contribution to the Community Fridge and appreciate their commitment to support this annually going forward.”


If you have any questions or would like to support the Shed in a voluntary capacity, please phone Sherron on 027 404 0240.


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