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Pregnancy and Parenting Support

Having a new baby can be an exciting time for some; however, it can be daunting, scary, and unexpected for others. Many of our hapū māmā are unaware of the support systems available to them, including the Pregnancy and Parenting team at the WRHN.

Our team offer a range of support services to hapū māmā to not only help prepare them for motherhood but also help to prepare their whānau with various support and education such as:

- Access to one-to-one education sessions with hapū māmā.

- Access to antenatal classes and maternal immunisation.

- Hapū Māmā Day; a 1-stop 1-day shop with a kaupapa māori focus.

Additional support the team can offer hapū māmā, and their families include:

- Healthy Home checks.

- Smoking cessation support.

- Advocacy support and access to NGOs.

- Access to a car seat technician – Little Buds, including fitting car seats for free.

Rural support is also available; contact the WRHN team or the Taihape midwife team for access.

In addition to these supports and services, the team also hold free Rāranga Wānanga with hapū māmā and their families. At these wānanga, hapū māmā not only learn to weave wahakura, but they also learn the importance of safe sleep in a co-sleeping environment. The wānanga is open to the whole family and provides the perfect setting for all to learn. For māmā who already have wahakura, the team can provide bedding packs and can even check that the bedding is fitted correctly and safely for pēpī.

Jenny and Angela recently held a Rāranga Wānanga in collaboration with Te Oranganui at Rangahaua Marae where a handful of hapū māmā and their families came together. The team are hopeful that more rāranga wānanga will be held collectively and in collaboration with our Iwi and Māori Providers.

For more information about the Pregnancy and Parenting team's services or access the team, contact Angela Weekly on 027 771 1677 or Jenny Firman on 027 252 0420. Alternatively, you can call 0800 123 010.


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